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Deep On Tour

February 07, 2018

We are deep on tour. Day (night) off halfway from Charlotte to where ever we are tomorrow. Jacksonville Beach, we stop here every year seems like. Used to play at a club called Freebird down the street, but it closed, it’s something different now.

Gar is painting behind the bus, and hoping it doesn’t rain. These will be the stage paintings for the rest of tour. (You can bid on them at the merch booth!)

I’m having a lovely Chardonnay that G’s sister Jamie brought us in Boston. It’s quite good, better than the usual stuff we end up with on our tour rider.

It’s a trip playing every night. You get inside it, and damn, sometimes, too attached. In order to play with true passion, one needs to let go of the outcome - yes, to be always process oriented! So we must be dispassionate here, yin and yang then, passion and dispassion. It can make you seasick sometimes. The waves of caring so deeply, when a Tuesday night is the last moment of existence, and there is no choice but to engage the magic, and it can’t be anything but real, which is why you are such a good actor/whore and you just keep going with the tired love in repetition, and no one notices, which makes it dirtier. Fuck it. Just another night on the town. That’s Rock n’ Roll.

The next day? Yup. Might as well make a graffiti painting, you can’t fuck it up! Only if you do too much, but you can never go too far in modernism! - so there you have it. Can you not go far enough? Of course, that’s all there is left to fear.

OK, I think we’re having a crew dinner around the corner at the Mexican joint. We’ll have giant margaritas, in goblets, enchiladas with lard laden refried beans, and we’ll laugh at each others sensitivities and failings. Jeff may even come, he’s taking his nap early.

I did a load of laundry even thoughtI usually do the wash and fold. I’ll have to fold it myself. I hope it’s not soggy when the coin dryer finishes.

Jacksonville Beach, Fla, a little chilly for the beach, but thankfully no rain.