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I Guess I Am No Longer Holding Back

January 20, 2017

Sorry to speak my mind.

This is a dark day. We have been betrayed. I have failed in my duties as an American, and you have underestimated the depth of my rage.

We are all guilty. Why did we let this happen? The same reason we let Bush start an illegal war and murder millions. World wide peaceful protest did nothing. Clear and present insanity and evil in your face, and then in your mock graciousness you gave the most powerful nation in the history of the world to an insane fascist. Why? Why? Why?

“Peaceful transfer of power” . . .? Bullshit. Your sin is the same as mine. Fear. Oh-no!? What would happen if someone did the righteous thing and assassinated this despot? Oh golly! What the fuck assholes? They murdered all our leaders, eloquent sophisticated brilliant people, like MLK. They murdered him and all the others and then what happened? Reagan was elected and fucking created homelessness. Nearly bankrupted our country and the world in an insane ego trip with the Soviet Union, destroyed them - don’t kid yourselves - millions died. Your peaceful protest did nothing then and will do nothing now.

The only people who are righteous today are those in jail or those who did the actual deed and busted up business-as-usual and broke some shit and threw rocks at the fascist pigs, and stood there and took a on military assault with a cotton mask and and a handful of ideals.

The rest of us are the real pussies. We went about our day giving tacit approval to literally every evil and wrong thought ever to enter a human mind. Our leader, our representative to the world is a disgusting man-child that desperately needs to be put down like a sick animal. Those standing next to him, with a hardened grimace or not, deserve the same.

I welcome their death as my own in this national suicide. That’s what it is, the last cough of a great experiment gone off the rails with a people too selfish and arrogant to realize it. America has failed and I welcome our destruction.

The solitary hope is that somehow those people realize they have been swindled and take up arms against the hideous machine that oppresses us all. I’m sure it will burn beyond my lifetime.

The question hasn’t been yet answered - Hitler vs. Gandhi . . . but soon it will be. Non-violence is irrelevant to a psychopathic power. There were probably many many jewish, gay, gypsy, non-violent believers that perished unheard in the German ghettos of the late ‘30s. I guess I’m more with Chairman Mao and my 2nd Amendment countrymen - “Power flows from the end of a gun.” So you sick fucks better get to it, and expert your power before the fascist trump destroys all of humanity.