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On the Road III

March 06, 2019

We get into these cycles, as I was saying last time. More and more lately we are like, posting-up at hotels for a few days here and there - Monday, Tuesday nights. I’m in one of those spots, across the train tracks from the Belly Up. On the other side is the mighty Pacific, down the cliffs, crashing on the beach. It’s that, and the foggy promise of California, that puts me in a poetic mood, pretty much every time.

Man, the beach is mystical, the potential for sunsets, deceptive, and delightfully more rare than expected, and fog, a chill, but not like up north, and may in fact be the mist of Avalon, and not Valhalla. It’s the fatty tasty edge of the heart of Babylon smoked just right in the american Spice. With a thick nasty vain vein right on the surface, with which we fuck the world.

Like I said, poetic. I fear the times have necessitated the injection of what some would call politics, perhaps others, collective morality, into every facet of our waking lives. The Social Internet has really brought out our collective mania, I am a goddamn Bolshevik for christ sakes. You could call me an Environmental Marxist, but really, if We don’t seize the means of fossil fuel production we are doomed.

Plastic is out of control, the bees are dying, the very systems that support us are in jeopardy. The planet we all live on is being destroyed, largely through the greed and evil of a small group of bad actors who have been manipulating the system the entire modern era. We - Americans, are allowing these villains to rule us.

We must move immediately to meta-nations, collective democratic governance of the seas, eventually making land based governance obsolete, and moving a unified democratic world wide republic. As we connect all people electronically, we can create exponentially more democratic governance, putting Moore’s Law to use to save the planet.

Private Capital has no incentive to preserve the planet. By the very tenants of this capitalist structure it is destined to convert the true wealth of a living biosphere into the imaginary wealth of money. The mild FDR socialism of Bernie Sanders is a great first step, and has given me some hope, but if the collective people of the world don’t get control of the fossil fuel trusts and their barons, they will murder the ecosystem, and all of us with it. 

Get off the fence, we are all socialists, we need to admit that myth of the individual against nature, is a not-so-useful-anymore fiction that we can let go with the old gods. With Him gone we can get over the resultant errors, such as the rational consumer and the ‘free market.’

This is my poem, this is my prayer. Amen, all hail Athee™.

Southern California, grey clouds.