Jazz Nerdings

June 25, 2019

I’ve been doing a bunch of jazz recordings recently.

I really enjoy mixing them afterwords and checking out what the different microphones sound like. I have six channels available, and while most of the time it’s pretty straight forward, there are challenges, like getting the drums…

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Jazz Studies

June 13, 2019

When I get a minute at home, I like to return to the lifelong study that is jazz.

One of my favorite tunes from the cannon is Thelonious Monks’ I Mean You.  It’s a fun song - learned it (tediously) out of the original (5th Edition) Real Book, but then discovered that everyone likes to…

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​West Coast (Road IV)

March 21, 2019

Man, I’m so glad to be here on the West Coast again. Nothing against the mountain states, but it’s just less rarified here. I can feel the sea.

I’m psyched to be close to home now too.  I’ll see my old buddy (pictured) again tomorrow night. I hope it’s not too confusing for her,…

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On the Road III

March 06, 2019

We get into these cycles, as I was saying last time. More and more lately we are like, posting-up at hotels for a few days here and there - Monday, Tuesday nights. I’m in one of those spots, across the train tracks from the Belly Up. On the other side is the mighty Pacific, down the…

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