​Home At Last

April 25, 2017

This is my first full week home, done with tour, no one-off’s for a few weeks (see you at Hoagiefest in Philly 5/27!) Anyhow, when I’m home I want to get right into a new vibe, but it always takes time to transition, to unwind my mind from the furious travel and emotional rollercoaster…

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Drive Day / Night Off

March 27, 2017

Whew! The G. Love tour has landed in Idaho Falls for a night off / drive day. We’re roughly halfway between Missoula and Salt Lake City, where we play tomorrowish. Chilling on the bus in the parking lot while our driver sleeps, we’ll hit the road again at two am or so. It can be…

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Elijah Muhammad vs. the Machines

February 07, 2017

You know, if people can be ‘out’ about everything these days - sexuality, pot-smoking, even fascist trump supporting, then I must say— I’ve always dug Farrakhan in a way. And alway joked I wanted to become a Black Muslim — I always thought they were the coolest in the old movies,…

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February 04, 2017

We were parked at our hotel here in Charleston SC, and a friend hipped us to the fact that the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church was just around the corner. This was the location of the horrific mass shooting back in 2015, a “sick piece of history” our friend called, I’m…

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