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November 05, 2017

I got home the other day, well I guess it was like a month ago - from Denver. We’d played a Specials Sauce show there for the Sam Adams Octoberfest. Oh man, we opened for George Clinton, and yea it was cool, though I’m not trying to stay out partying all night these days . . .


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Chili Time

September 13, 2017

Yea man!  Time to cook it up again.  It's time for another batch of JimiJazzChili!  

Today I'm doing a slightly different approach, charcoal grilling the meat as (four giant) steaks instead of panfrying chunks.  I just did a post-searing trim, and rendered the trimmings in the bacon fat to…

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On Freedom of Speech

August 30, 2017

Are any freedoms absolute? I don’t think any meaningful freedom can be both absolute and universal.  In freedom of speech we get closest to the absolute, but there are still limits right?

Wikipedia is a fabulous manifestation of free speech. There you can read all about the history of…

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Yoko Miwa’s Pathways

July 19, 2017

Last week I flew into Boston, on my way to the Special Sauce gig on long island, and had a rare Friday evening free in my old stomping grounds. Which was cool, because I finally got a chance to check Yoko Miwa’s trio. They have a weekly at Thelonious Monkfish in Central Square, so I…

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