Elijah Muhammad vs. the Machines

February 07, 2017

You know, if people can be ‘out’ about everything these days - sexuality, pot-smoking, even fascist trump supporting, then I must say— I’ve always dug Farrakhan in a way. And alway joked I wanted to become a Black Muslim — I always thought they were the coolest in the old movies,…

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February 04, 2017

We were parked at our hotel here in Charleston SC, and a friend hipped us to the fact that the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church was just around the corner. This was the location of the horrific mass shooting back in 2015, a “sick piece of history” our friend called, I’m…

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​Brooklyn Blog!

January 24, 2017

When I’m on tour I never like to stay too far from the bus. I can’t really lug my suitcase - which contains five weeks worth of stuff, into the hotel every time we have that luxury. Mostly it’s no big deal, the bus is in the parking lot and if you forget your phone charger or…

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I Guess I Am No Longer Holding Back

January 20, 2017

Sorry to speak my mind.

This is a dark day. We have been betrayed. I have failed in my duties as an American, and you have underestimated the depth of my rage.

We are all guilty. Why did we let this happen? The same reason we let Bush start an illegal war and murder millions. World wide…

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