​Sept 1,

September 01, 2021

Jesus Christ.What have we done?What have I done?I put on Pat Metheny’s Song X, with Ornette and all, first thing in the morning.Is it a sort of mirror image to The Rite?  It sure matches my mood - enraged . . .   is that a mood?  Whatever, it’s September.

I’ve been trying to write a…

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Spring Has Sprung

May 12, 2021

Ooh, I guess it’s been a minute since I posted. It’s weird how time moves now.

I am jealous of everyone who is accomplishing things in these weird times, and a little um, upset with people who are carrying on like nothing is happening. I’m afraid we really shouldn’t go back to…

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Happy New Year

December 30, 2020

Well, that was a year!

Apologies for the long  delay since my last post, but I am in - not necessarily an uncreative, but, lets say, an ‘unproductive’ part of my cycle. Indeed, typical for this time of year, but usually we’re running around engaging friends and family, and I’m…

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New Songs! Friday!

September 30, 2020

Greetings from the Anarchist District. D’ja watch the debate last night? That was appalling. I think y’all know how I feel about it, but we should keep in mind that fascism is a disease, and Republicans have it. I have to take Facebook off my phone, it’s inciting me to violent…

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