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January 03, 2016

We actually have a couple inches of snow out there this morning. Although it happens pretty regularly - once every couple of years or so we’ll have a few ‘snow days’ - Portlanders consider it a snow-pocalypse, and really, any dusting is a fine reason to cancel everything and perhaps get out the cross country skis and head up and down the street, because god knows no one will be through with a snowplow. They just kind of throw in the towel, though you will note our state liquor stores will still manage to provide their vital service!

I’m going to read out in a minute and do a little shoveling while it’s still light and fluffy - it’s going to warm up today. I still haven’t put the Chadwick together, but maybe I’ll bring it up from the basement once I get warmed up shoveling.

If I get that upstairs and set up, well, that will be a fine accomplishment on a Sunday Snowpocalypse!

Portland, Snow? Snow!