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Changed My Profile Pic

June 08, 2017

I changed my profile picture on Facebook.  I had it blacked-out in protest of the criminals and charlatans who have taken the executive of our country.  I changed it to a recent shot of myself as the Creepy Colonel, but don't get me wrong, I still protest.   

A fish rots from the head down.  And I believe the entire Republican Party is flopping along with a dangerous megalomaniac in control, and those who are complicit with his violations have a permanent stink.  I still protest.

The enablers have taken on half a year of guilt.  From the Paris climate accord, to Russians in the Oval; Governors, Legislators, Bureaucrats, Officers and Officials all are due justice in the reckoning.  I still protest.

I call on the Governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, to immediately and unreservedly call for impeachment and a new election.  And until the federal government regains its legitimacy, recognize it's authority and officials on an ad-hoc basis.  And denying, for example, their right to issue a permit for hate speech that is beyond the community standards of Portland, on the technicality of 'federal property'.  Until I hear my representatives speak for the people, I still protest.

I call on Mayor of Portland Ted Wheeler to withdraw immediately from the joint-terrorism task force.  And while not in Open Rebellion, I call on my fair city to have no allegiance to to the rotting fish, and have but faith to our fair state, Oregon.  

I still protest.

Concordia, cool, rain.