​Tour Report #2

February 08, 2020

Everyone is getting it together to disembark from the first leg of the tour.  Luckily we’ll have the same bus next run, and it’s just going to the shop, so we can leave a bunch of stuff on here.

It’s a well needed break, we’re rocking hard down here.  We’ve been making our way…

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Tour Report 2020, #1

January 16, 2020

All righty then!  First week of shows of the new decade in the books and we’re in a fine groove.

We started in Des Moines Iowa and rocked all around the upper midwest here, slipping right into a tight set featuring some new tunes and old favorites.

I dig it out here, I like the cool old…

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​Happy 2020!

January 03, 2020

Wow, we made it. I try not to like ‘judge’ years, but ’19 was a tough one. Man, so much political and societal troubles, world wide, as a nation, even out here on the West Coast with our liberal bubble . . . not to mention my personal consternations. It’s all connected, but damn,…

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More Listenings - Reviewing Yoko Miwa

November 12, 2019

Oh man, the single from Paul McCartney (Coming Up re: last weeks blog) was still on the turntable when I got home from the last(!) G. Love & Special Sauce show of the year, (at Billy Bobs down if Ft. Worth Texas - the worlds largest honkey tonk!) and I just had to give it a spin after piano…

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