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Rant and Petition

June 11, 2020

I think my first idea from last week might be the best one to work on currently. It’s kinda how governments, groups of people really, act. The fuckin’ mob. It’s gonna suck. It’s gonna go to far, witch hunts always do. But it’s human nature and the nature of change.

A lot of good people were ruined by the Red Scare, and Joseph McCarthy’s interpretation of what an Un-American* is. But the end result of these committees and accusations was that any kind of collectivist thinking at all is completely tabu in this country. The unions were eventually destroyed and an entire mode of economic thought (Marxism) became forbidden and the scene was set to turn us all into a bunch of Libtards with the fantasy that we can live in a world that’s anything but a corporate feudal state, with ever-growing imaginary wealth monsters that their ‘owners’ only dream they can control. A trillion dollars? Some person on earth thinks that they are worth a trillion dollars! When the vast majority have nothing - less than nothing by the same imaginary scheme, the ratio is an irrational equation, divide by zero is infinity, undefined, a mathematical anomaly that goes against nature.

Where was I? Oh yea, Reverse McCarthyism. It worked on the real (collectivist) left, which is why this country doesn't have a real liberal party.  Anyway the same medicine can root out the fascists, white supremacists, racists, republicans and their enablers from our society. I know three I could turn in today. Lets go! We need a list of suspects.

I’d like to think we could do it with a ‘Truth and Reconciliation’ committee, modeled on South Africa, but we seem to have given up on truth. It seems too European and quaint. Like those people in black robes are pure jurisprudence and not the political monsters we have here.

Regardless, I was admonishing a young cousin back East to vote, to participate in his government, so I must do so as well. Out here we have an abundance of good intention on the local level. But our type of city government is actually in desperate need of, uhm, lets say ‘updating.’ There are four council members and a Mayor and it’s kind of primitive in a way, fine for a small town, but we have city sized issues.

They just so happen to be working on the budget currently, and they are making some moves in the right direction. At any rate, I saw some of the Zoom comment period (in leu of the oft rambunctious meetings) and looks like there’s a lot of support for Defunding. Which incidentally is the way to go. That’s how we punish - defund. We defunded welfare (Clinton did remember?) and all the social services, and Christ the feds have defunded the financial cops so they can increase their looting . . .

I digress, here is my letter to the council and the city attorney who should maybe lead the witch hunt, err investigations. I encourage you petition your government as you see fit, no judgement here, just stay safe and take care of each other.


Mayor, Commissioners, City Attorney:

We all know this work is overdue.

Defund the police. Demilitarize and disarm the police. Not every problem is solved with a gun or bigger gun.

It starts with rethinking the budget tomorrow. While I support commissioner Hardesty’s and Eudely’s amendments as well as diverting dollars from the PPB budget, these moves are all weak tea in light of the task at hand.

We need a commission with subpoena power to root out the racists and white supremacists from our government and institutions. While all are entitled to free speech and thought, those with these particular abhorrent and dangerous views have no place in government or in our civil society, and certainly don’t belong on our police force.

Thank you for your service and leadership in these matters, I think that Portland can set an example for the nation on how we deal with racists and white supremacists who are infecting our society.


Feel free to copy any of that for your letters or communiques with your representatives.


Portland Oregon, grey and cloudy, rain all week.

* I have apparently made a common mistake here, confusing the HUAC with Joseph McCarthy. It was the Senate Army-McCarthy hearings, not the House UnAmerican Activities Committee, that revealed what a POS he was. There’s quite a history there but he apparently made his bones red baiting as many did in those times, so my point my point remains.