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Poetry Time

November 15, 2015

I've decide to write a poem, in free verse, tonight.  Thank you for your openness and understanding.

Another Religious Orthodoxy

And I was reading about the pastafarianisms and thinking about farcical religions.

And then I was jammin’ Dolphin Dance and I thought “what about Herbiefarianism?”

I mean, what if Herbie Hancock is a walking incarnation of God?

He (Herbie) wouldn’t know it; that’s how tricky Yahweh is.

What really made me think of it was, I was trying to play one handed, but was wandering; 
dreaming of Ahmad Jamal’s version of Dolphin Dance,
Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival, 1971. The pedal point is extended, in the double-time.

Why can’t we bring together this living Holy Trinity?
Ahmad, Herbie, and maybe like McCoy Tyner right?
Bring on armageddon in bebop, Rebirth in Jazz - the eighty eight keys takes us on a visionary journey around the sun Rah - dig?

On the other side - nee side four! - of His “Reevaluations: The Impulse Years”

(I have a couple of these, like Sonny Rollins too)

Is Tranquility.

That’s my favorite jam.

Portland OR, Blessed rain.