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Sometimes . . .

April 28, 2015

Sometimes a cocktail just comes to you - like great music - it just sort of passes through you. I am just a vessel for the Genius! This one just now floated to me on the ether of available ingredients and impulse indulgences.

The first indulgence was my splurging on a bottle of Calisaya.  I’m sure you are hip to the amaro renaissance happening these days. Here’s a little more on this retro-amoro.

It’s pretty pricy but S and I got hooked on it at our favorite dinner spot where they use it instead of Campari in their Boulevardier.

Also, a while back, I picked up some of these Portland Bitters Project Aromatic Bitters.  I didn’t love them to be honest, too much of the anise note, but in the sweetness of this concoction provides a brightness and lift to the roots of the amaro.

The name just came to me as I sat down to enjoy it on the rocks.

The Governors Directive

1 1/4 part     Strong Rye - I happened to have some George Dickel Rye
1  part          Calayasa
1/2  dropper   Light Aromatic Bitters i.e. Portland Bitters Project
Lemon Twist

Stir, serve on the rocks or up.

Portland, Oregon - here comes the rain again.