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The Meaning of Rock and Roll

April 13, 2015

Oh man. I think I know why I cant seem to post to this blog with any regularity. Well, beyond the obvious laziness, it’s that well, the theme - “my experiences returning to the road” - yikes! I realized I’m just too close to it to report on it with any accuracy, if you know what I mean. And to tell the truth I don’t think I should report on the past with any truth right now either. It will all have to wait for the tell-all exposé.

Really my Instagram feed (@jimijazzmusic) is the tour blog - one shot and one thought per day. That’s enough! So if you’ve followed me there you can tell we had some great shows down in Australia, and the Byron Bay Blues Festival was totally cool.

It was challenging too - lots of flying and playing, jet lag, lost and misplace gear . . . it can be a terrible combination, especially with pressure and adrenaline of the stage. And sometimes there’s disappointment - sometimes it’s just the hotel, but sometimes it’s in our friends, and sometimes just our fellow man, and it’s in ourselves. That’s the part I can’t write about - not yet.

It sure seems like everyone that came out had a great time, and it was so fun, and a true privilege to bring out music to the other side of the globe! But I’m psyched to be home again - back to my bubble of leisure and fine dining, and chilling with Samba.

Remember Rock & Roll means never having to ask “Was that too over the top?”

Portland, gray rains starting.