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From the Mountains

July 07, 2014

Hello from the lovely Jackson WY.

It is quite beautiful here, but it's one of those days.  Tons of fun stuff to do - alpine slide anyone? - but no time or energy to enjoy it.  We've been up in the mountains a while, and I'm starting to adjust to the altitude, but it's still making me tired when I don't want to be.

We had two great shows, and everybody is so cool up here, and eager to share their slice of paradise with us, but we've got a show to do, and one tomorrow.  It's tricky to get the bus backed up to the load-in, and they have to drop the trailer, and they're parking the bus around the corner.  

It's a nice little town, but I'm realizing I haven't made my blog post for last week.  I got caught up in the excitement and was focusing on catching up on some stuff and didn't get the computer out for a little bit.  Now I'm in the road zone, rolling on, moving, moving, with probably a bit too much raw honesty.  

The crew and everybody is on each other's nerves, but we all know how to keep out of each other's way for the most part.  But somehow these awesome destinations are always the biggest pain in the ass.  They're keeping our driver up late after a 10 hour drive, and we have a pretty long run tonight.  Come on fellas!  Get us situated so we can get on with it!  We got to rock it one more time then pack it up again and roll on.

You know "I can't complain but sometimes I still do . . . "

OK, next week I'll post something more fun.