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Tour Report - Winter ‘17, Part 1

January 23, 2019

Tour Report, as promised:

Pluses:  Great grooves and fans - looks like everybody’s ready to party out here!  And Ron Artis II right?  We’re psyched y’all are getting to see this guy, and his band - Dig his brother Stefan on drums too, oh man, what a style!

Minuses:  Cold AF.  Really, the bus heaters weren’t working right, shit’s freezing up n’ stuff.  Difficult driving and load in/outs for the crew.  Technical issues on with the bass rig.  Man, for a few nights in a row, everything would be fine at soundcheck, then I would loose one of my signals in the first couple songs - so frustrating for me and Frank, still not totally sure what the problem is, but one amp was seriously misbehaving in Columbus, so replacing that should help.

Plus:  I built a second pickup harness so now I have a complete backup pickup system.  Bus got some work last night.

Minus:  Getting old.

Plus:  My crew hustled and got some new amps delivered for the show tonight - look out we're gonna rock it.

Buffalo NY, Cold Rain and Snow.