​Jazz Ramadan, Monks Mood

August 16, 2020

You know a couple years ago I invented my own religious celebration, one of the fun things you can do when you invent your own religion (and meta-God; All Hail Athee™). Jazz Ramadan happens in the hottest part of late summer here, between Rahsaan Roland Kirks Day (Aug17) and Tranemass…

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Rant and Petition

June 11, 2020

I think my first idea from last week might be the best one to work on currently. It’s kinda how governments, groups of people really, act. The fuckin’ mob. It’s gonna suck. It’s gonna go to far, witch hunts always do. But it’s human nature and the nature of change.

A lot of…

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Vision for Peace

June 01, 2020

How ya doing’? We’re coming up on three months of sequestration. I’ve been in a quiet mood, frankly, since my last posting. That luxury is spent this week. I must add my voice to that of all good Americans, (and all good citizens of the earth rightly,) against the continuing and…

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Eight Weeks Plus

May 12, 2020

Oh man, I was working on my ‘eight weeks of quarantine’ post and thinking about my situation in all of this, and our collective state of affairs, and ooh, I started spiraling. No one needs that. All I have to do to fly into a rage at the evil stupidity of . . . well, nearly half of…

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